Seven Minutes in Heaven

Seven Minutes in Heaven is a naughty high school game, but now that you’re not in braces in your parent’s basement, why not make it even dirtier? Set the kitchen timer for seven minutes, and then hop in the coat closet together for a torrid quickie. The timer creates a sense of urgency, and the small, dark space makes it feel like you’re doing something forbidden— Now you know why I’ve been begging for a walk-in!


One comment on “Seven Minutes in Heaven

  1. Martin Pablo says:

    Dear Heaven, my wife has a problem when we’re making love. We both are in our late 20’s, and when I having intercourse with her, she tends to fart. Shen then feels embarrased and she loose the mood during the night. This happens once in a while, but not too often. I don’t know if the intercourse we is the cause for her to fart? I don’t know how to solve this problem, can you give me any suggestions? thank you.

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